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Waste & Recycling

Waste & Recycling Insurance

The waste & recycling industry is very diverse and the type of insurance covered required will largely depend on the type of operation. Some covers will of course be obligatory, but others will be down to owner's mind-set in terms of covering the business and its assets for peace of mind.

2014 has been a dramatic year for the industry with a number of insurance providers withdrawing from the market owing to a series of fires. The insurance providers that remain a source of cover for clients are very cautious in their approach and are selective with the risks they accept.

Because of the volatile nature of this business it is important to partner with a broker that has the expertise and capabilities to arrange bespoke cover, as well as assisting on Risk Management solutions.

Our Specialists covers include:

  • Underwritten by an A+ rated insurer
  • Employers' Liability £10,000,000 (higher limits are available on request)
  • Public/Products/Pollution liability limits to £10,000,000 as standard
  • Financial Loss automatically included at £500,000
  • Employee Rehabilitation Benefit Included
  • No Height or Depth Limitations
  • No Employers Liability Excess
  • No Hazardous Working Location Exclusions
  • Corporate Manslaughter Defence Costs Indemnity at £1,000,000
  • Statutory clean up costs incurred under statute
  • Spoilt Melts Extension
  • Own Site Clean Up Costs Extension
  • Hazardous Waste coverage including Asbestos if selected